HP Notebook Accessories Product Tour

HP Notebook Accessories Product Tour 13.0

Describes the accessories available for HP notebook computers
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The HP Product Tour is a Macromedia Flash Presentation created by HP for users to understand the available accessories for HP Notebooks.
The Product Tour is available in 10 different languages.
The download file is sp35835.exe which is about 10MB, freely available from HP .
The tour is organised into 4 sections as detailed below.
1) Docking Stations
The differrent types of docking stations available are shown here such as Normal Docking Station, Advanced Docking Station, 3in1 NAS Docking Station, Adjustable Notebook Stand and Monitor Stand. It also shows how each accessory can be used and the features of each of these.

2) Expansion Accessories
This section shows the Extended Multibays that can be connected to extend the capacity of Notebooks using Optical Drives or Hard Drives.

3) Power Management
This section details the different batteries and power adaptors available for HP Notebooks

4) Security
Details a Kensignton Cable lock that can be used to physically secure the notebook to prevent theft.
The unique and versatile design allows the users to secure the notebook through the docking station or the standard security port.

This product tour does not describe the configurations of Notebook Models and is limited to only a few HP Business Notebooks which have support for Docking Solutions and Expansion.

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  • Pre-Installed with every Business Notebook helps users to know what accessories will be required
  • Downloadable presentation helps prospective buyers to decide what accessories to choose
  • Does not require any user registrations to download


  • Indicative Pricing not made available
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